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May 2016

New program guide is out!

Hi Everyone,

Our new Term 2 Program Guide is out: RCLC Guide – Term 2 . We’ve changed the style a bit so we hope you like it!

If you see an activity you would like to know more about don’t hesitate to contact us for more info or help with bookings.


The RCLC Team

Apr 2016

Lots is happening!

There’s a lot going on this term at Burnley Backyard so make sure you check our website for the latest programs, classes and workshops.

Another great place to find out what on is our Facebook page


Jan 2015

Hello world!

Hello there lovely Richmond folk!

In case you missed our beautiful opening event last month here are some photos from that lovely day


4 weeks ago

Burnley Backyard

Baby Sensory Class @ Burnley Backyard.
contact Josefine for new times and prices. 0426 112 301
5 Little Things

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2 months ago

Burnley Backyard

We love this mother/daughter experienceAPT ‘Mother’s & Daughters’
bodyART is a very special shared experience for Kim & Bea, age 12.

What do you like about bodyART?
It’s strengthening AND relaxing. The perfect exercise for body and mind.
Andrea creates a great vibe - warm, enthusiastic and non-judgemental.

Why do you like doing bodyART with Bea?
It is a lovely shared interest that we bond over.
Bea is a valued member of class, regardless of age.
It helps keep her fit in mind and body - a great skill in life!

What do you like about bodyART?
bodyART calms your mind and relaxes you. Even if you are in a terrible mood, bodyART instantly makes youhappy and let’s you escape your worries & problems.

What is good about doing bodyART with Mum?
I never feel like bodyART is a competition when Mum is there with me and I don’t feel pressure because I know someone is there to support me.
I can also talk to Mum on how I can improve after the session and what I got out of bodyART.

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3 months ago

Burnley Backyard

Clothes Swap! Saturday June 30th 1pm @ Burnley Backyard
Tickets and details

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