Cheeky Chook Crew

Burk Burk Burk!!!

Our chooks have arrived at Burnley Backyard!

Our four new feathery friends have acclimatised to their new environment and now roam the community gardens freely during the day and return to their chook shed at night. They have also laid their first eggs here – how exciting!

We have put up detachable netting to protect the raised garden beds. If you are working in the community garden area, or are dropping of scraps to the Aerobin, please be careful not to let the chooks out of the gate.

We have been working closely with our chook guru Sophie who leads the Crew. Some examples of Chook Crew duties include making sure there’s fresh water, enough food and some food scraps, cleaning the shed, letting the chooks out to roam in the morning and making sure they are all back in the shed in the evening. Oh…and collecting lovely fresh eggs which the Chook Crew get to keep 🙂

There will be daily morning (7AM) and evening (6PM) chook duties to be completed, and this will take no longer than 15 minutes.

If you would like to join our Cheeky Chook Crew, please contact us on 9428 9901 or