Burnley Fruit Squad

The Burnley Fruit Squad is a new and exciting community fruit-harvesting pilot project supported by the Richmond Community Learning Centre, Richmond Community Garden Group and the City of Yarra.

The squad will be based on a group of volunteers who will harvest excess fruit from households in Richmond and share with the community.

Our aim is to reduce food wastage in Burnley; to enable skill sharing between householders and volunteers, and foster social connections in the community.

We are currently seeking interest from members of the community who would be interested in joining the Burnley Fruit Squad!


If you have vines or fruit trees in your home that may need harvesting or if you’d like to learn new skills and help harvest excess fruit, please sign up here:


We will be launching the Burnley Fruit Squad on Sunday the 13th of August at Burnley Backyard with a super informative free workshop on fruit trees and harvesting.

Follwing the launch, we will have another meeting on Sunday the 8th of October at 10am – 11am to give everyone another chance to meet and discuss our next steps.

If you would just like to attend the meeting on the 8th please RSVP to facility@rclc.org.au

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