Backyard Bike Group

Spring time is the best time to get on your bike!

Led by a group of passionate local volunteers, the Backyard Bike Group will help you gain knowledge and confidence in maintaining safe and enjoyable bicycles through hands on workshops.

If you are starting out or getting back on the saddle this spring, our workshops will be a great place to learn how to tackle any punctures or other issues that may come your way.

We’re also looking at doing a few riding sessions for people who want to get back into riding and for those who are looking for company when riding.

Coming up:

Sunday 12th of Feb – ‘Beyond the Wheel’ Workshop 

Every Second Wednesday  –  Bike Talk and Oil Gatherings

Sunday 12th Of March – Riding With Confidence

Get in touch if you would to volunteer with us and/or interested in coming for a riding with confidence session.


Phone: 9428 9901