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May 2016

New program guide is out!

Hi Everyone,

Our new Term 2 Program Guide is out: RCLC Guide – Term 2 . We’ve changed the style a bit so we hope you like it!

If you see an activity you would like to know more about don’t hesitate to contact us for more info or help with bookings.


The RCLC Team

Apr 2016

Lots is happening!

There’s a lot going on this term at Burnley Backyard so make sure you check our website for the latest programs, classes and workshops.

Another great place to find out what on is our Facebook page


Jan 2015

Hello world!

Hello there lovely Richmond folk!

In case you missed our beautiful opening event last month here are some photos from that lovely day


Our Bingo group have started celebrating already! ...

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What a wonderful sunny morning it was yesterday! Perfect day for the launch of the Burnley Fruit Squad. Thanks to all that came, to Janet who let us in her beautiful garden, Jackie from Richmond Library, Pippa for the lemons and Karen from Edible Eden Design for a fantastic workshop! ...

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